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Why Church? It's About Life Beyond Life

“Jesus said to her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, though he die, yet shall he live, and everyone who lives and believes in me shall never die.’” (John 11:25–26)

Dear Evergreen family,

We ask once again, “Why Church?” 2020 and 2021 have tossed all our old routines and ideas about how to spend our time up in the air. We’re sitting here in October trying to catch some of those pieces. So, as we’re reassembling the pieces of our lives, we’d like to know. “Why Church?” This is my fourth try at coming up with an answer. To read the first three answers, click here. My fourth answer: “Church is about life beyond life.” Most things we spend our time on (maybe all things we spend our time on) have a shelf life. They serve some purpose, sometimes even an excellent purpose, but that purpose always runs its course at some point. An ice cream cone is delicious. It’s good for about 15 minutes. A career in rodeo might be a thrill, but you’re lucky to last a few years.

People stop caring about our degrees a few decades after we get them. Music lasts as long as our ears do. Reading lasts as long as our eyes do. Relationships end one way or the other. Everything has a shelf life. Church takes us by the hand and leads us across this barrier. It’s the only thing that does. It points us to Jesus the Christ who tells us that he himself is life beyond life and that all who link up with him don’t need to be frustrated by the expiration dates thrown in their faces. Church dares us to stare off further. Church kindles our larger, transcendent imagination. Church tells us to take courage because not only are we not defeated, we are certain victors in the face of father time. Church makes our hearts bigger. Church refuses to let us remain shortsighted. Church pulls the real us out of us. Why Church? Life beyond life is where are hearts are at home. Why Church? Another answer next week! Don’t forget to join us this evening by Zoom as we talk about “The Meaning of Getting Older No Matter What Age You Are.” The Zoom link is (Meeting ID: 946 5221 7682, Passcode: 524882). May God bless us all. Your Fellow Minister in Christ,


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