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Look All Around

Dear Evergreen family,

Sometimes looking up means missing what’s right underneath your nose. If there’s a danger in this wonderful season of Advent, that’s it. This year, more than ever, our hearts are calling out, “Come, Lord Jesus.” We need someone to make everything right, and Jesus is that someone. We are looking up. We are looking for help from heaven. That’s exactly where we should be looking for help. However, this year, in our hunger for the big remedy to whatever the really big thing is, we may be missing the smaller flashes of light that are already all around us.

Let’s have some fun with this on Sunday (while staying safe)! Beginning at 3:00 p.m., we’ll gather outside at the church for a brief retelling of the Christmas story by one of the people who was there to see it all! Right after that, we’ll be off on our all-ages scavenger hunt, as we search for reminders of hope, peace, joy, and love in and around our community (including Loudoun Hunger Relief, The Salvation Army, Heritage Hall, and much more)! And don’t forget to pick up some of Jan Mull’s yummy cookies (individually packaged) to enjoy along the way! There are indeed flashes of the light of Christ all around us!

You and I need some fun as we wrap up 2020. Let’s make this year’s Evergreen Scavenger Hunt one of those memories that we can carry with us for years!

AND, don’t forget to join us tonight for our Advent Study “Incarnation.” Click this Zoom link at 7:00 p.m. to join in! The meeting ID is 990 1503 4579, and the passcode is 725970.

May God bless us all.

Your Fellow Minister in Christ,


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