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Indomitable Spirit

So, there’s this woman. She’s not allowed into her house of worship. She’s not allowed within six feet of another person. She feels cut off from God and from people. Her resources have run out. There’s not a lot the doctors can do.

No, she doesn’t live in Leesburg. In fact, she doesn’t live anywhere anymore. She lived in Palestine in the early first century. But I think we know how she felt. Well, maybe, maybe not. If you or I were the only ones around who ran out of money, had to keep to social distancing guidelines, stay out of church (and all public places), and had something that baffles the doctors, maybe then we could relate well.

Her spirit was indomitable, though. She heard about a man from Nazareth. She believed God was doing something special through him. She went out. She found him. She came up behind him and stretched out her arm and grazed the edge of his clothing. It was her way of saying, “God, I will not give up. Ever.” What Jesus actually said to her in response was, “Daughter, your faith has made you well; go in peace…” (Mark 5:34).

These days, what would it mean for us to “touch the hem of his garment?” What would it look like for our spirit to be as indomitable as hers? What would it mean to reach out to Jesus, refusing to be denied? What would it mean to say to God, while our world is upside down, “God, I will not give up. Ever.” How do we express that? How do we live that?

More importantly, do we believe that if we do find a way to express that, Jesus will say to us, “Child, your faith has made you well; go in peace?” If we can answer “yes” to that one, we’ve already overcome this whole thing.

God bless you all.

Your Fellow Minister in Christ,


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