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Digesting the Bible One Bite at a Time

Dear Evergreen Family,

Imagine someone asking you, “What’s in the Bible?” How would you answer? How would any of us answer? Most of us would like to have a better grasp on the whole Bible. We feel badly about not knowing the scriptures better, but it’s actually a pretty elusive task. It’s a long book. It’s a long 66 books to be exact. You have to juggle multiple genres of writing. You have to juggle the long expanses of time covered in the text. You have to juggle a LOT of names. Lots of juggling going on. Forget about memorizing the whole thing. Forget about even memorizing the names of all the books! (I actually once tried following along with a fourth grade Sunday school class trying to memorize the names of all the books—I failed). Forget about understanding it all well.

We just don’t have that much time. We don’t have a million years of free time to master the Bible. What if, though, it was possible to get a basic grip on the whole thing… in 10 weeks? What if the way we tried to remember this basic overview was to use candy bars? Yes, candy bars.

Starting this Sunday, our message series is “The Whole Bible in 10 Weeks.” And yes, we are going to use candy bars. The 10 weekly themes will be represented by 10 familiar tasty treats (We’ll have the actual candy bars for you, too, yum!). If we can remember 10 candy bars, maybe we can remember the basics of the whole Bible! Come this Sunday, and let’s get started!

May God bless us all.

Your Fellow Minister in Christ,


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