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Back to Basics

Dear Evergreen family,

I think I might have gotten caught up in the illusion of New Year’s Day 2021. You know, the promise that when we pulled the old calendar off the wall and replaced it with a new one that somehow magically things would change. I think part of me wanted to believe that. So, I think part of me is disappointed. Here we are in the middle of January, and melancholy seems to be following me around as the beginning of 2021 is taking shape.

All I have in the way of a solution is to get back to some basics. Peace is still really important. Forgiveness should not ever go out of style. Loving each other is about all there is. Loving God makes all that possible. Basics.

I was given a book for Christmas this year that brought me back the most important basics of all. In fact, it is maybe the best book on the basics that I’ve ever read.

We learn our Christian faith in bits and pieces, usually. Sometimes these bits and pieces don’t fit together and we’re left with more questions than answers. A book that would help us put those fragments together and give us a basic solid foundation in the faith would be great. Well, that’s what I got for Christmas. Rescued by John Riccardo is hot off the presses and brings us back to the absolute most important things there are. Rescued: The Unexpected and Extraordinary News of the Gospel: Fr John Riccardo, Foreward by Scott Hahn: 9781593253813: Books

Would you like to talk about the book together? That would be a treat for me. Please let me know if you’d like to take part, and we’ll nail down some dates.

Yes, getting back to some basics is probably the only answer I have. If you’re of the same mind, let’s revisit these foundational places together.

May God bless us all.

Your Fellow Minister in Christ,


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