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A Prayer Challenge

Dear Evergreen family,

2020 was a challenge. 2021 looks like a challenge, too. Ready for another challenge?

“What is this challenge?” you ask. Well, we are challenging everyone at Evergreen (members, non-members, visitors, friends,…everyone) to take the “One Hour/One Week Prayer Challenge.” That is, to pray for an hour a day for one week. You can decide to pray for 60 minutes in one sitting. You can decide to pray for 10 minutes in six sittings. It makes no difference how you divide it up. One hour. Each day. Seven days.

We’ll all start on Ash Wednesday, February 17th and continue through Tuesday the 23rd. It will be like a great big kickoff to the season of Lent, where we’re all called to self-reflection and to turn more fully to God. Between now and then, we’ll continue with our message series “Prayer 101,” where each week we add another tool to our prayer tool box. By the time we get to February 17th, we’ll have plenty of tools to help us through our big week of prayer! Yes, we can all do this. Of course, the point is not to “do it,” but to grow closer to Christ through it.

So, given that 2020 was a challenge, and 2021 looks like a challenge, too, are we ready for another challenge? Actually, I think it’s the same challenge. The answer to 2020 is to draw closer to Christ. The answer to 2021 will be to draw closer to Christ. Prayer gets us there. There’s no substitute for spending time with the one with whom we want to be closer. I’m excited. I hope you are, too.

May God bless us all.

Your Fellow Minister in Christ,


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